January 2015 Meeting

Grain to Glass 7pm

New Members Brent, Steve, Rodney, Jeff, and Sean

Attendance – David, Nathan, Jesse, Josh, Scott, Steve, Rocky, Andrew, James, Jennifer, Bryan, and Aaron

Club Business  – Discussed current funds in the Bank Account. Dues for 2015 will be collected in April. Club purchased two 55 gallon Boulevard Bourbon barrels from Noah. Discussion on a sour project and the next group brew. Josh and Scott on working on a date. Late March early April is the plan. Discussion on updating the current board / bylaw format to adjust for our growth. Moving the discussion to the private facebook group. Talked about the plan for Parkville. Decided to start gathering parts for a club jockey box. Also decided to look into getting new club shirts. Rodney looking into work shirts through his contact. Upcoming events, KCBM comp, ZZ hops comp, Homebrew Zoo comp, National comp, Blarney Brew Off, NKC Snake Saturday (might be able to have a booth with grain to glass, Sean suggested we be in the parade)

Educational Topic – How to EIS homebrew by David – Good discussion . Tried some EIS-Cyser – should be noted that no one went blind.

RIS OFF – We had Entries from Nathan, David, Michael, Brent, Jesse, and Andrews. We had the opportunity to try Stone’s Imperial Stout on draft as a practice beer. We judged the beers using  GABF / Best of Show method. Everyone was able to rank the 6 entries and award 1-3. The Stewards then tallied up the ballots. Michael’s Oak Aged Imperial one with 27 points, Nathan took 2nd with 24 pts. Jesse and Andrew’s tied with 22pts. We had a discussion about the beers afterwards. All the beers were good. It was agreed that the top 2 just had better mouthfeel that put them over the top.

It was discussed we do this style of competition more often with other styles. For May we are doing IPA’s and will use this format

Final discussion for the upcoming Iron Brewer tournament. Suggestions for ingredients. Decided to move the topic to the facebook group. 1st round will be revealed at the February meeting with judging at the April Meeting

Homebrew sampled:

Rodney – coconut, pepper, chocolate porter

Steve – chocolate / pepper porter

Andrew – Raspberry Dark Lager

David – Lite American, Germany Alt, and English Barley Wine

Next Meeting February 26 at Grain to Glass – Historical Styles



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