Crane Brewing is coming to NKC!

Before you get too excited…Crane Brewing is not opening a place in NKC, BUT equally exciting news is that Michael Crane, President and CoFounder of Crane Brewing is our July guest speaker.

“Michael, never much of a drinker due to a low tolerance, started homebrewing with sons. He brewed as a hobby that occupied his time and brought his family together. Eventually it would bring Michael into a larger community of homebrewers. Michael brewed what those around him enjoyed, focusing on the exotic brews that grabbed the attention of the beer nerds that gathered to discuss homebrewing once a month. He gained notoriety as he branched outside his local competitions and won awards nationally. Finally, he met the home brewers who would lead him to brewing as a career.”

Michael Crane

Join us at 1520 Clay St., North Kansas City on July 12th @ 7pm as Michael shares his love for craft beer, his love for homebrewing and how he made the transition from home to pro brewer. We will have plenty of Crane Brewing samples on hand to taste but don’t let that deter you from bringing your own creations to share with the group. If you feel like sharing something to gnosh on as well, we won’t mind.

Crane Delish

June Meeting was a SUCCESS!

June marked our first meeting at our NEW HOME, 1520 Clay St. in North Kansas City (iWerx) and we were not disappointed to say the least.  We were joined by a very special guest speaker, author Pete Dulin, as he schooled us (happily we might add) on food/beer pairings. We enjoyed two different styles of salads (recipes coming soon) paired with a tropical pale ale and a Trippel and listen to Pete share his love for palette pleasers. If you get a chance pick up his newest book release, Expedition of ThirstExploring Breweries, Wineries, and Distilleries Across the Heart of Kansas and Missouri at your local Barnes and Noble or through Amazon.

Round 2 of the Missouri Mashers 2018 Iron Brewer Challenge took place as well with two out of the four teams advancing to Round 3. The Round 2 challenge was for the teams to brew a beer and incorporate a Spring flower(s) into the beer. An added challenge was to pair and present a Jasmine Rice Hot wingdish with the beer to the panel of judges. Cherish Pageau, Daniel Woodard and Adam Schwarzel advanced to Round 3 with their winning entry of a delish Jasmin Wit Beer paired with Jasmin Rice w/a Jasmin-infused Sriracha Hot wing on a bed of sticky rice (I’m told this was incredible BUT alas…I received none!…just sayin’). Bri Burrows and Brian KC Jones advance to Round 3 as well with their entry of a Pink Rose petal Strawberry Shandy paired with a Hibiscus-candied Pork belly with pink rose infused cream cheese served on top and garnished with a…oh wait…we forgot the Strawberry garnish! Nonetheless it ended up being a hit as well.  For Round 3 the two teams must brew a traditional Oktoberfest Bier using only German ingredients and German purity standards. This beer will be judged and showcased at the Missouri Masher’s 1st Annual Oktoberfest party on opening day of Oktoberfest, September 22.

No Meeting in May

Just a reminder we will not have a monthly meeting in May due to judging Hot Summer Brew Off this Thursday at Callsign Brewing. Also going forward we will not be meeting at Big Rip Brewing. We will be announcing our new meeting location soon. Look for an announcement in the next couple weeks.

April 2018 Monthly Meeting

Come Join us tonight for our Monthly Meeting at Big Rip Brewing.

Education Topic is on Malt.

We will have our Board Election. It’s time to renew dues. We have lots of updates on upcoming events and excited to announced a new club benefit.

Guest are Welcome

January 2017 – Monthly Meeting

Our first meeting of the year is this Thursday, January 26th at our new location Big Rip Brewing in NKC. We will meet at 7pm in their event space.

We will have a presentation on BJCP judging and how to judge beer.

The main event is our RISOFF!!! This is open to members only but guest are welcome to come help judge. We will be using BJCP judging this year so everyone gets some experience filling out a score sheet and judging beer.

Guest are always welcome. Hope to see you there.

June Meeting Tonight

Tonight will be our June Meeting at Grain to Glass, 7pm

Educational Topic is on Sparging Techniques. We will have 3 samples of the same beer brewed with a no sparge technique, batch sparge, and fly sparge to compare the difference.

The beer that was brewed will be our Beer Style highlight: Brithish Golden Ale

The main event will be the second round of the Iron Brewer. Judging historical styles.

Hope to see you there.



April Update – Iron Brewer, Parkville, Nanobrew, Hot Summer Brew Off

Our April Meeting is next Thursday, April 28 at Grain to Glass, 7pm. April Meeting will be mostly dedicated to judging the first round of our Iron Brewer Tournament. We have 4 great categories to judges: Chocolate/ Pomegranate, Apricot/Peaches w/peppers, Blueberry / Mint,   and Raspberry / Coconut. Looking forward to see what creations everyone created. Guest are welcome to attend.

Parkville Microbrew Festival is April 30th. We will have 15 kegs of different beers to try including Skeeterpee!!! You can purchase tickets here:

Early Bird tickets for KC Nanobrew Fest ends, April 30th. There will be lots of Mashers representing.

Registration is open for this years MoM Hot Summer Brew Off. We are accepting all categories this year including Ciders and Meads. We are happy to announce we are doing a scale up prize with Big Rip Brewery. We have numerous prizes for winners all ready. We are also excited about announcing winners at this year’s KC Nanobrew Festival.

March Meeting

March Meeting is this Thursday at Grain to Glass, 7pm. Educational topic will be Yeast Starters and Yeast Management. Bring your questions. Our beer style of the month is the German Alt. Grain to Glass will have a new German Alt that just hit the market on tap to try out. Guest are always welcome.